Accurate Patient ID in Senior Healthcare

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Many senior patients who leave the hospital, stop by a post-hospitalization care center on the way home. The patient needs excellent senior healthcare while they are in post-acute rehab on a residential basis. The staff have a great responsibility to identify a patient correctly and continue the senior healthcare from where the patient left off,…

Hearing Impediments in a Senior in Rehab

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Hearing Loss Affects Seniors in Rehabilitation Hearing loss and impeded hearing is one of the top three senior complaints. Senior health issues in seniors with a hearing impediment may be complex. When a senior is a visitor or a resident in a rehabilitation center, there are additional factors to be taken into account.   Patients…

Senior Activities for Patients in Rehab

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Senior activities for patients in rehab can be major fun! Activities that give us something to talk about and remember are especially valuable. Patients in rehab are sometimes immobilized by their medical condition or by the doctors’ orders and cumbersome equipment. Yet, there is an atmosphere of being ‘foot loose and fancy free’ in the…

Early Detection of Alzheimer’s by Blood Test

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Regular citizens, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and medical people at all levels, wish there would be a simple way to perform tests for early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it means there will be challenges in store for him. What does it mean for you? Are…

Avoiding Second Stroke – Watch Your Blood Pressure

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New research underlines the importance of taking your blood pressure medicine to avoid a second stroke. Stroke risk is one of the most pressing senior health issues. HealthDay News reported on July 29, 2019, on a study that found the risk of having a second stroke was reduced by about 20% when blood pressure was…

The Advantages of Senior Inpatient Rehab

By Brookhaven Staff | August 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

Let’s look at the advantages of senior inpatient rehab. In an inpatient rehab care program, such as is provided at Brookhaven Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, a patient stays at the rehab facility. Length of stay depends on the condition needing care. Ideally, following assessment of the condition by the staff, the patient remains in…

Letter We Received From A Resident’s Family

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Our August Calendar is Here!

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Visiting a Patient in Post-Op Rehab? 10 Things to Say

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A patient in post-op rehab will be happy to have visitors at some times and under certain conditions. A visitor should ask himself these questions, since the patient is after surgery and deserves special love: When is it convenient for the patient to have visitors? Where is the patient holding in the post-op journey? Come…

Seniors, Sunscreen and Summer Safety Tips

By Brookhaven Staff | July 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

The American Academy of Dermatology emphasizes that people of all ages need to wear sunscreen. UV radiation exposure is cumulative, it continues to increase its effect on the skin, even as seniors age. This means that seniors need to take good care of their skin regarding exposure to sunshine. Seniors may be more susceptible to…